This morning, when I woke up and look on my phone, there was an alert about fireware upgrade! Wow, it’s about JellyBean 4.1.2, I’m going to get it.

I plugged my Galaxy S2 on my PC, go to Kies and I got a firmware upgrade request:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Upgrade via Kies


Finally, I got the JellyBean, v4.1.2 on my Galaxy S2, here are some screenshots:

Samsung has been announced the upgrade to this version since beginning of this year and according to the post of Sammobile in January, Why are we obsessed with updates?, people already complained a lot on productivity of Samsung and his promised. Now we got it anyway. I think, in any case, Samsung still plays a very good role on this point, always keep his software up to date.

In JellyBean, 4.1.2 ~ Khmer Unicode rendering is completely working, we need only the font to make it working. I will test it out eventhough most of people already manually upgrade the Galaxy S2 to JellyBean already but we still want to know if we can do Khmer Unicode working on Galaxy S2 without root on JellyBean as well?

I will work on it sometimes soon and get back on a new post later.