Are you using Google Translator App? Why do you need to install a lot of translation apps while most of them using Google translator service to provide the translation text to you? Two feactures you might be missing on Google translator App that I would like to pick them up there, especially for Cambodian users.… Read More

The app that parents are waiting for, currently available for US only to download from iOS and Android version, the Youtube Kids that offers for kids under age of 13 year-old, was released recently in February 2015. The Youtube kids that was asked for years by most of parents around the globe are offering the… Read More

Get news alert in Khmer on your phone about all related news in Cambodia and the globe, Fresh News App is recommended. Fresh News App is managed and updated regularly each time any important event happens in Cambodia. App Features: Breaking News Find Me Currency Exchange Airport Schedule in Cambodia Among them, two features are… Read More

One interesting app for me that we could install to follow World Cup 2014 in Brazil, oneFootball You can find the same app on Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Here I use for Android, let’s download at Google Play.… Read More

Traffic jam and traffic accident in Phnom Penh city becomes very big issue. Recently there are two apps that would help to solve this kind of issues but need time and people to involve. The apps developed by Cambodian guys intended to answer to very hot topic on road traffic in Phnom Penh as well… Read More

Hundreds of students and professionals turned out on Saturday to explore the potential of Cambodia’s fledgling app industry at Mobile Camp Asia 2014, the sector’s first trade show. Among the crowd at the Institute of Technology Cambodia, which hosted the event, were representatives from Better Factories Cambodia. The UN program, which works to improve conditions… Read More