Barcamp Cambodia has sent out the full schedule from next month until end of year so we can book our time. This week from 6th to 7th of May is Barcamp Kampong Cham at University of Management and Economics. Next events will be: 24th – 25th June – Barcamp Kampot 9th – 10th September –… Read More

I was sometimes trying to adapt the Jigoshop which is now Jigoshop eCommerce as another plugin, and of course during my development, there often had some difficulties over looking for help to achieve something. It was a bit hard to go. In Cambodia, adapting the real eCommerce platform is hard so mostly the website are… Read More

Every year since 2008, Barcamp Phnom Penh is growing in both topics and participants. Barcamp Phnom Penh each year tries to visit different universities, it used to be in CJCC (RUPP) in 2008, PUC, UP, ITC and now at Norton University, Chroy Changva. This year, I think we should not miss the moment there and… Read More

Last week, there was a big crowded at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) for the event of InnoTech Festival. This is another social event that I’d love to engage and participate. On the website InnoTech introduces themselves as: Innovators as mad scientists, in a solitary confinement in a locked-down laboratory, is an image of… Read More

Barcamp Phnom Penh is well known as a technology event, it was quoted in the medium as the event that helps tech community growing since 2008 until now: “To find local leaders in the technology space, we organized barcamps where participants determine the agenda and share what they know with others.” – In Labcraft, a book… Read More

FoxType a check tool that will help us to write message or mail with polite tone in English. In most communication in our daily life, English writing becomes common through social media, working environment via messenger or e-mail. It might be this tool would help us to stay calm as always to the person we… Read More

Are you using Google Translator App? Why do you need to install a lot of translation apps while most of them using Google translator service to provide the translation text to you? Two feactures you might be missing on Google translator App that I would like to pick them up there, especially for Cambodian users.… Read More