I just play Sok and Sao Adventure on my Android phone and here a quick video of this first experience. Currently the game is released on Android and Windows Phone on following stores: Windows Phone Windows Store (here) Android Phones Google Playstore (here) Amazon Android Store (here) To followup up coming info about Sok and… Read More

The most addicted Action Adventure game on Windows Phone Store, run and shoot giant and tiny bugs like never before. Big battle with the different giant bosses. Sok, a fat boy with a cap on his head, look naughty and Sao, a thinner boy with smile face are the main actors of the game. Both… Read More

Now it’s time for Apple faces on public criticism of iOS7. Many people said iOS 7 has taken many features from Android and Windows Phone. Here is a video sharing around the net to show what are Apple copies from other platforms:  … Read More