I was sometimes trying to adapt the Jigoshop which is now Jigoshop eCommerce as another plugin, and of course during my development, there often had some difficulties over looking for help to achieve something. It was a bit hard to go. In Cambodia, adapting the real eCommerce platform is hard so mostly the website are… Read More

Really impression by the design and architecture of the building, Sleuk Rith Institute. Here, you can virtually visit the institute by following video. Thanks to TheGuardian for the article and pictures. Here you can visit the official website of Sleuk Rith Institute. Thanks to architecture: Zaha Hadid… Read More

  With version 4, font awesome which is a very popular icon collection for Bootstrap CSS framework has a big change for me, it has no longer use icon class of Bootstrap but using Font Awesome or fa class and prefix of fa-. I think this will make us difficult to upgrade from Font Awesome… Read More

As a web developer, you need to understand many parts of web development in order to make your website look and feel even better intern of usability, quality and security. Here are reminder checklists for you to have a look: [frontend-checklist name=”Web Developer Checlists”] You can find detail of each list by go to http://webdevchecklist.com/… Read More