Now it’s time for Apple faces on public criticism of iOS7. Many people said iOS 7 has taken many features from Android and Windows Phone. Here is a video sharing around the net to show what are Apple copies from other platforms:  … Read More

I just commented on TheNextWeb about my feeling of iOS7 look and feel is the same as Android OS in current and previous version. Now I got a post on facebook with below picture to compare each feature of new iOS7 and existing Android’s feature: Multitasking, Mail Swipe, Action Center, Filters Lockscreen, Weather, Tabs, Action… Read More

Here, I just take some notes and pictures from the next web to highlight “what’s new in iOS7?” from recent Apple WWDC. Very short explanation that will describe about iOS7: Design Cleaner, simpler, better?   New features   Control Center Access any where to the controls: play a song, turn on airplane mode, turn on… Read More

Apple just introduced iOS7 last WWDC, over there, apple has announced iOS7 for its new design and features. iPhone OS 1.x (June 2007) iPhone OS 2.x (July 2008) iPhone OS 3.x (June 2009) iOS 4.x (June 2010) iOS 5.x (October 2011) iOS 6.x (September 2012) iOS 7.x (10 June 2013)   Here I would like… Read More