Have you received the alert message as above? I got it on my Windows 8.1, there will be soon try on the new update on Windows 10, there should be more awesome for user experiences. If you already try, let’s share your experience on this OS together.… Read More

Your eyes as mine catch up on the price of 29$ and the list of features for the new Microsoft’s Nokia phone, it’s an Internet phone that allows you to use facebook and other online stuffs. It is Nokia 215. But I believe what’s really interesting is a well known brand with long battery life.… Read More

Last night, I read an article announced that Microsoft has released new .NET Framework 5.0 as an opensource framework to target multiplatform environment. The .NET core publishes on github under MIT license. You can find detail of the release in MSDN blog from here or ASP.net blog. I just would like to express my excited… Read More

Now it’s time for Apple faces on public criticism of iOS7. Many people said iOS 7 has taken many features from Android and Windows Phone. Here is a video sharing around the net to show what are Apple copies from other platforms:  … Read More

Windows 8 is rolling out in the world and now new version, Windows 8.1 plans for the release, the public preview of Windows 8.1, which will be available starting June 26th. On 5th May during Microsoft’s keynote at Computex Taipei 2013, the world’s second largest computer show, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s OEM division Nick… Read More