Windows is still on top of all OS in the world. Net Applications claims that in September 2014, Windows was running on 91.98 percent of the computers worldwide, while Linux was only installed on 1.64 percent of them. The rest of 6.38 percent are powered by Mac OS X. — Source: Softpedia… Read More

The top five global smartphone vendors in 2013 by IDC’s rankings were Samsung with a 31.3 percent market share of shipments; Apple with 15.3 percent; Huawei Technologies Co. with 4.9 percent; LG Electronics Inc. with 4.8 percent; and Lenovo with 4.5 percent.… Read More

According to the market shares by US Commercial Channel for 2013, Chromebook is growing with 9.6% over the Android tablet. In Cambodia, we don’t hear much about Chromebook but this growing in other side of the world would be interesting to have a look soon in the future. Do you know what is Chromebook?… Read More