Here, I just take some notes and pictures from the next web to highlight “what’s new in iOS7?” from recent Apple WWDC.

Very short explanation that will describe about iOS7:


Cleaner, simpler, better?




New features


Control Center

Access any where to the controls: play a song, turn on airplane mode, turn on a flashlight, or whatever else

Control Center


Longer battery and with all apps are multi-tasking


The most popular web browser using on mobile and now come with a new full screen


Sharing files better with Apple’s way.


More camera apps can use with

New Photo App

Better organize your photos into Moments

New Photo App



New voices, both male and female with including two new languages support: French and German. It’s smarter and be able to control the settings.


App Store

Update your iOS7 automatics and will recommend the apps base on location

iOS 7 availability

Beta available and in few weeks (after WWDC) will be available for compatible iPad to update.

More iOS devices in the world

Apple has comparing his OS with Android to show how popular of his products.

Mobile Web Market Share

iOS (60%), Android (24%) & others (16%)



Installed devices

  • Apple: iOS5 (6%), iOS6 (93%)
  • Google, Android: Gingerbread (37%), Ice Cream Sandwich (26%), JellyBean (33%) & others (3% +)


Installed devices