Traffic jam and traffic accident in Phnom Penh city becomes very big issue. Recently there are two apps that would help to solve this kind of issues but need time and people to involve.

The apps developed by Cambodian guys intended to answer to very hot topic on road traffic in Phnom Penh as well as in the whole kingdom.

Traffic Laws Knowledge : Cambodia Road Sign

As drivers and road users, know and respect the traffic laws is very important. Cambodia Road Sign App is helping us to get to know all traffic signs use in Cambodia. It has a traffic sign manual and a test platform to enhance our knowledge on the signs. This app is also useful for those who want to take driving license exam as well.


Download the app at Google Play

User Based Traffic Jam Reporters: Chatomuk Traffic

It’s a user based reporter, it could detect your location surrounding and give you alert about the traffic jam info and you can also help by giving the report as well. Currently I could see that the app is not well and widely use yet but I hope it’s growing  when more people are talking about it.


Download the app at Google Play