The electrical plug evolved, 24h with Bluetooth of 30m; That’s some signs on the box of ArrowPlug, the electrical plug with Bluetooth remote controller via Smart Phone which is developed by a electronic startup lab, ArrowDot.


ArrowDot founded by a group of students from the Institute of Technology of CAMBODIA (ITC) which is specialized in electronic devices and solutions. According to their facebook page, ArrowDot is focusing on building educational entertainment robots and home devices to make life more easier and entertained.

ArrowDot team

ArrowDot is a startup member in Small World Cambodia.

According to TheBNEWS, a business news website in Khmer, ArrowPlug has been built in Cambodia at SmallWorld lab office. The product spent around 1 month to build and there are now 100 sets available and 30 sets have been sold out at 17th of July, the price of one set of ArrowPlug is 15$.

ArrowPlug is using wireless technology through Bluetooth that allow users to control the electronic devices that plug-in into to switch off or on easily via the Android Smart Phone between the distance of 30 meters. The remote control with iOS device would be in the next version of ArrowPlug according to ArrowDot’s feedback on facebook page.

That’s a good product for new lifestyle in this modern life.

Let’s try ArrowPlug product, you can reach the team via their facebook or via phone (+855) 010 989956.

Source/Image: Facebook