Last week, there was a big crowded at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) for the event of InnoTech Festival. This is another social event that I’d love to engage and participate.

On the website InnoTech introduces themselves as:

Innovators as mad scientists, in a solitary confinement in a locked-down laboratory, is an image of the past. Today, anyone can create innovations out of what’s around us, in a home or home-made lab, adding just a bit of creativity. And many of these innovations are born out of collaborations between people with different skills, experience and backgrounds.

In short, InnoTech Festival is the event where all private sectors, government organization or NGOs meets, share the interest and help to guide each issue to find the right solution.


Personally, I could see that the event is really specific and unique despite to other events in Cambodia on following reasons:

  • There are some events such as Barcamp Phnom Penh that really focusing on empowering young people through tech, biz, social encouragement; most of the audiences are students from high school, university, professional. Mostly private sectors are there to share their knowledge and kindness to the society
  • Of course, there are some commercial events that focusing on selling products, career forum or development but there is still missing some unique points to focus on listening to social issue and provide a relevant solutions and it’s not always specific for tech companies but general
  • The organizers of the InnoTech festival are the important factors from tech areas and industries where it shows one of the unique point for the event that focus on tech solutions.
  • The events invites and try to engage with government organization, CSO (NGOs), SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), Startup to share their issues to meet IT companies or Tech industry to listen and solve the problem through different solution

With above 4 reasons, personally, it could show that InnoTech can be another successful event for all factors.

I was at the event on the company booth, I could see a very good interaction between participants and the company; and after the event, the customers who came to ask us for some solutions are keeping contact with us and come to meet us to check if their issue can be solved as well. This would be the example of how the event could help engagement between clients and providers. That’s I believe it will be a successful event in the future. Hope to see the InnoTech for next years.

Here, let’s see the infograph from the InnoTech festival event and thanks to Development Innovation: