Society for Better Books in Cambodia (SBBC) is started to run a campaign to ask for Microsoft to change the default Khmer font on MS Windows which is currently using Khmer UI (by Microsoft) and DaunPenh (by OM Mony) font family.

According to the petition, it says that:

The fonts are ugly and difficult to read.

They are proposing the fonts designed by Mr. Danh Hong, Khmer Unicode Font Designer who has been designing font for Khmer OS project related and also published his fonts in Google web font; and of course, the fonts are widely using for most of people in Cambodia.

The example comparison on the petition site,


Two fonts to replace instead the current default fonts are:

  1. Khmer System (Khmer UI) to use “Hanuman UI” (source)
  2. DaunPenh to use “Khmer Content” (source)

At now, the petition just starts and received only 31 supports.

If you want to support the petition, please go to


Khmer text on computing has one Unicode standard since 2002/2003 and one NIDA keyboard driver with typing style: one introduced by Khmer OS, another one by PAN Localization for Microsoft; and also more and more font face/style are designed by community, Mr. Danh Hong is one well-known who helps others to design.