I was sometimes trying to adapt the Jigoshop which is now Jigoshop eCommerce as another plugin, and of course during my development, there often had some difficulties over looking for help to achieve something.

It was a bit hard to go.

In Cambodia, adapting the real eCommerce platform is hard so mostly the website are focusing on displaying their products and services at first before going to the real eCommerce.
There are some adaptation we need, I could see Jigoshop has a good thing to start and could be a very good competitor to WooCommerce.


Due to its small community, less support and less documentation, it is really hard to believe that it can be a stable solution. As result, when I saw Jigoshop created another plugin called Jigoshop eCommerce, it’s more hard for us to take it for our project comparing to WooCommerce, a stable eCommerce solution over WordPress platform.

Of course, by these, I have applied WooCommerce for some of my projects already.

Although, I still believe in the opensource that allows more competitors to come to the field.
I wish to see another competitor to WooCommerce such as Jigoshop so that the platform and eCommerce solution can improve better.

Somehow, Jigoshop plans of 2017 is focusing on Support, System Integration and Point of Sale (POS). They are a very good promise to see.

WooCommerce is already a big player already if we talk about eCommerce with WordPress platform.
According to the statistic website, builtwith.com, WooCommerce holds more than 1.9 million live sites while Jigoshop holds 12525 live sites only.

By number, you already know the winner but I still keep eyes on Jigoshop, a lightweight eCommerce with simple configuration.