Larry Page, former CEO of Google, just announced a new restructure of Google Inc., to stay under a new company, Alphabet Inc., that will not do only Internet of Things but more kinds of products and services. Alphabet is using the domain of that would already give us a sign what they are going… Read More

  Have you received the alert message as above? I got it on my Windows 8.1, there will be soon try on the new update on Windows 10, there should be more awesome for user experiences. If you already try, let’s share your experience on this OS together.… Read More

The new research has been made on Internet testing to provide more accuracy in order to answer that if our ISP gives the right speed as contract? Normally, we go to for testing Internet, now today, let’s introduce another tool that would answer more accurate on the real connection of download and upload speed.… Read More

Each year we get to see lavished devices and products coming out of the big and small manufacturers alike from all walks of life. Automobile companies hold large exhibitions-cum-glamorous shows to showcase their vehicles. Similarly designers present their collections through fashion shows. The digital world too has its own exhibitions in which they present their… Read More

There is an announcement recently last week about the vulnerability of the WordPress attacks via XSS according to the security blog, the vulnerability affecting multiple WordPress plugins and themes. The issue links to the common functions of WordPress core that plugin or theme developers are using such function add_query_arg, remove_query_arg. You can find the list… Read More

Up until a few years ago, people preferred to shop at their own local stores and were at the constant mercy of weather conditions, parking spots, long queues and exhausting shopping expeditions. However, with the advent of e-commerce and online shopping, this is all rapidly changing. Initially consumers were hesitant to place their trust and… Read More

It’s fun but also provide a lot of information about our website on the net including the SEO info, ranking on alexa, how people interact with our site. Visit:, input your or any website to findout the worth price of them.… Read More