The app that parents are waiting for, currently available for US only to download from iOS and Android version, the Youtube Kids that offers for kids under age of 13 year-old, was released recently in February 2015. The Youtube kids that was asked for years by most of parents around the globe are offering the… Read More

Google translate provides a community correction tool to help each local community to improve their language translation. Khmer language also included. Currently Khmer translation does not work well in tern of meaning since Google translation engine requires more data to learn, how people translate each paragraph or sentence. The community’s help is very important for… Read More

Your eyes as mine catch up on the price of 29$ and the list of features for the new Microsoft’s Nokia phone, it’s an Internet phone that allows you to use facebook and other online stuffs. It is Nokia 215. But I believe what’s really interesting is a well known brand with long battery life.… Read More

I had post an article and commercial videos previously. Jolla comes with following products: Jolla Phone – smartphone with 4.5 in IPS qHD display, 16 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, a microSD slot and an 8 MP camera. Jolla Tablet – Sailfish OS 2.0 64-bit Intel’s CPU tablet with 7.85 in IPS display, 32GB storage,… Read More

Swap key to the left to delete the character (អូស​ខាង​ឆ្វេង​ដើម្បី​លុប​អក្សរ) Swap key to the right to change to Number and Vowel (អូស​ខាង​ស្ដាំ​ដើម្បី​ដូរ លេខ​និង​ស្រះ​ពេញតួ) Swap key to the top to choose another character (អូស​ខាង​លើ​ដើម្បី​យក​អក្សរ​ដោយ​មិន​បាច់​​ដូរ​លេខ​និង​ស្រះ​ពេញ​តួ) Swap the space key to the top left or right to put character “?” or “។” (អូស​ប៊ូតុង​ដកឃ្លា​ឡើង​លើ ចាប់ពី​ឆ្វេង ឬ​ស្ដាំ​ដើម្បី​យក​សញ្ញា​សួរ “?” ឬសញ្ញា​ខណ្ឌ “។”)… Read More

The picture shows that the OSX is running on Dell OptiPlex. It’s the screen of a Cambodian developer. I haven’t tested myself but here with this article about UniBeast, it will help you to try on any supported Intel-based PC.… Read More

Last night, I read an article announced that Microsoft has released new .NET Framework 5.0 as an opensource framework to target multiplatform environment. The .NET core publishes on github under MIT license. You can find detail of the release in MSDN blog from here or blog. I just would like to express my excited… Read More

Windows is still on top of all OS in the world. Net Applications claims that in September 2014, Windows was running on 91.98 percent of the computers worldwide, while Linux was only installed on 1.64 percent of them. The rest of 6.38 percent are powered by Mac OS X. — Source: Softpedia… Read More